The MR/DD of HD, or, HDMIgraine.

Today, class, we’re discussing the VCR. Not your grandma’s behemoth of a thing, but still a Video Cassette Recorder. We use it for film capturing. To be specific, we’re discussing the SONY GV-HD700. 
O.K., let’s capture some footage, shall we? Tape? check. Computer program ready and waiting? check. Deck that exports 720p? Let’s look at the manual. “Your VCR can play back pictures recorded in the 720/30p format, but cannot output it from the HDV/DV (iLink) interface.” (Operating guide, pg. 76) (sigh). 
Well, let’s not use the iLink. How about we use the HDMI port? Can we do that? The manual doesn’t say. Two hours later, Ryan and Zoe (the nice but English intolerant people at SONY) still don’t know. The music is nice, though. Screw it. We’re short on time. 
We buy HDMI cables. O.K. Deck that exports in 720p? Uh..still no. It plays it back through HDMI, but downgrades our footage to 720/480p. (that’s standard def., folks) The RGB component cables might work..can we use that? (For the answer, go back and read the previous paragraph, replacing HDMI with RGB component cables. We didn’t have to buy any of those, though. You can also use the word “provided USB cable”. It was a no-go as well.)
It’s two days now, with no capturing, and collectively over ten hours on the phone with SONY, local retailers and my therapist..not including internet searches. (Wickpedia is great, but my eyes just fell out of my head.)


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