Film Office Welcomes Actor Will Smith

The Ohio Film Office welcomed actor Will Smith on Thursday, November 20 when he visited Independence,Ohio, for a sneak preview of his new film, “Seven Pounds,” at the Cinemark Theater in Valley View. Ohiowas one of five states the actor visited in support of his new movie. Peggy Zone-Fisher, wife of Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher, presented Smith with a proclamation that recognized Smith’s charitable work. The actor spent the day visiting schools and contributed to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Those who came to the film screening were encouraged to bring a canned good with them to support the effort as well. The crowd gathered around the red carpet to greet Smith when he arrived and camera flashes were plentiful as Smith took time to sign autographs for the crowd.

Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James also was in attendance. Ohio Film Office Director Christina Grozik encouraged Will Smith to bring his next project to Ohio, explaining all of the many reasons to do so. The night displayed a wonderful example of teamwork and partnership in making Ohio shine.


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