No such thing as coincidence.

I’m talking on-line with a friend in Memphis. She shows me a photo of her with a Boy Scout troop. We briefly debate the superiority of Boy Scouts over their female counterparts. The cookies are all they have over us. That night for the life of me I couldn’t remember my Scout Oath or Pledge. I pull out my old Boy Scout Handbook, and spend the night reliving some childhood memories-not all of which are pleasant. ReturnOfTheJediPoster1983
I wake up and feel like a new man. Morally straight, mentally awake. Ha! I get to the office. Right off the bat we get a call. The producer has a friend who’s friends with a Cub Scout Troop Leader. Can they come see a real film studio? Pretty please? We get a van and two car loads of 7-10 year olds. They’re touching the antique radios and televisions we have on display. They fondle the plants and the curtains. Anything within range. The leaders get them to sit and the producer takes a few at a time around on tour while I give the remainder a quiz from my freshly revamped memory bank. They know more than I do, but I play it off. Meanwhile the groups are down on the green-screen set. The producer fires up a Star Wars image on the monitors, and the kids start an epic light-saber battle. They come up and tell the other kids. Pandemonium!
Later they file out chaotically. All of the client candy is gone. Business cards, gone. Anything small and within reach has been manipulated or bent. Luckily the studio xBox360 was suffering red-ring. They probably would have beaten me in Call of Duty.


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