Restrained Screams, Redeemed Dreams, and Ripped Seams

Last week our film crew spent an afternoon locked inside a forensic maximum security psychiatric hospital, where we are shooting a series of training films to illustrate techniques that can be used to implement the principles of a genuinely new way of approaching psychiatric care.  Trauma Informed Care is a deceptively simple idea that has proven to significantly reduce stress for care-givers and patients alike, especially within a hospital setting.   It is an unconventional idea that is wholly supported by a committed staff; men and women who know first-hand of its calm effectiveness, and the value that it provides by restraining screams with empathy.  Despite constantly squeezed resources and significantly reduced operating budgets, I’AMedia will continue to produce engaging media to effectively communicate and train compassionate staff members.

We also just filmed a live production of what could be likened to a brand-new fairy-tale.  But this is a story that anyone who has ever hoped for something better in life can relate to.  The stage production with music and multi-media is a Big Idea that is presented by a small group of hard working performers; a tremendously fun-loving group who believe in sharing their faith and proclaiming the truth about standing up to others who would like you to believe that you cannot succeed.  The Dream Redeemer was conceived by a regular guy in suspenders and brought to DVD by another who sold a motorcycle to pay for the filmed production.  This message of faith and redemption will now be effectively shared with many more people who will be strengthened and provided with a welcome relief, something that is especially needed right now during these confusing times of flagging confidence and shifting perceptions.


Then we packed it all up and headed to a late meeting with the district manager of a fashion-forward clothing retailer that has stores in 26 states, including 7 here in Ohio.  Like many others these days, sales are down and conventional marketing from the home office says to just hang “50-70% OFF” signs outside the door in the mall, and all over the walls and displays inside the store.  But this kind of increased cash flow doesn’t really improve the bottom line, it just postpones the inevitable; cheapens the perceived value of the products; and does nothing to position the brand correctly.  Our conversation centered on her thoughtfully presented idea to enter the social media arena with some interesting YouTube videos.  We discussed many creative ways that could help the brand effectively connect with the desired demographic, including an excitement-generating spot to post online, and designing a social media campaign that will help to generate some much-needed buzz about the brand.  Ultimately, the Boss thinks this is all fine as long as there is no company cash required to get it done.  Hollow support from the Home Office really means that this inventive and committed district manager is totally on her own to bring her ideas to life.  Without any budget to work with, even if she succeeds she gets ripped-off.  And if she fails, well, then I guess the Boss is right either way.


In this cash-starved economy, everyone is looking for creative ways to communicate and connect with just the right market segment.  Information is everywhere- but how much of it is good?  How can you know what is truly effective?  Where is the measuring stick?  The social media phenomenon is just the latest twist in the hot air where instant thoughts and ideas get flung through the ether.  No One wants to waste money, but how much real value is there in communicating even a good idea that is not well presented?  If good ideas are so darn cheap, then just let the monkeys sling them around for free and see what might stick.  I’AMedia can help you make the most of whatever budget you can invest- big or small- to support and promote your ideas.  We bring your Vision to Video through fun and creative media productions of all sizes and scope.  We work for you to communicate the best message to connect with just the right audience,


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