internet TV vs. The Big Four

With a fear of spending firmly instilled, advertising pocket books have gone from being lined to being stitched closed. As a company that rides in the wake of advertising decisions, we here at I’AMedia see trends and patterns that those too close to the problem are blind to.

We’ve recently coined the phrase iTV, a low cost, highly effective method of advertising. In olden times, broadcast television (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS) were the only home for your infomercial or pilot episode.

Snuggie infomercial image
Snuggie infomercial image
The costs were (and still are) high, and any immediate results were cloudy at best. With iTV, the numbers are immediate, and knowledge of products can literally span the globe in seconds. For example, HULU, an internet syndication channel, broadcasts classic and current television shows to millions daily, granted they sit through any and all advertising. And they do. We’ve never been to the SuperBowl, but HULU has.

A local clothing line approached us for just such a thing. Using iTV, we came up with a program not unlike What Not to Wear, which was able to reach the demographic they desired, use advertisers who were compatible, met the given deadline, and fit a budget that was akin to milking stones. These videos have spanned through all major social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, as well as personal blogs and web pages-all for only the cost of production.

7 things we like about iTV:

1. Free airwaves on the internet, with new outlets daily.
2. World reach with real-time results.
3. Low production budgets crammed with creativity.

Fiber Optic Cable circling the earth
Fiber Optic Cable circling the earth

4. Markets as selective as you desire.
5. Instant credibility
6. 30 min on network Vs. Content forever
7. No Closed captioning! (unless you really want it)

If you have a website, or a video-channel account, you’re already good to go. If not, what are you waiting for? iTV is taking the world by fiber optic storm.


One thought on “internet TV vs. The Big Four

  1. Alright, so you are writing of Branded Entertainment distributed across Social Network sites to reach a/the desired audience.

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