Big ideas keep getting bigger

Basements and living rooms can only contain creativity for so long. Not only are they dirty, but one needs a professional headquarters.
Like a plant in a flat that gets transplanted, so came the first office: a one window back room that too quickly outlived it’s usefulness. A-ha! A prime downtown location-perfect! It welcomes us, melds to fit our needs. Our clients love it. Then one day the greenscreen went up: just a few guys talking, ‘wouldn’t that be nice?’, and there it was. Done and done. Hey, lets add a sound booth as well. We have the material from previous events. Whew! Looks good, doesn’t it? (see picture)

picture our first sound booth
picture our first sound booth

But a fish will only grow as big as it’s bowl. If we want to move from Blue-gill to Grouper, we’ll need more. Soundbooth, it’s time for you to graduate. Soon we shall have ourselves a full fledged recording room, allowing not one but three people simultaneously. Oh, you brought your guitar? That’s fine. Plenty of room. Go on in.
A few construction details: Move the bathroom door, drywall the hallway leading to bathroom, add QuietRock, some sound dampeners, throw up a ceiling and sound proof it all-as well as outlets, A/C and a window to boot. A few guys talking: ‘wouldn’t that be nice?’ We have to be careful though, lest our project spiral out of control. We see it in projects, where something seems simple from the start, and suddenly demands more. More graphics. More filming days. More meetings about items already decided on. The only ‘less’ we ever seem to come across is when invoices are involved.
An idea that keeps growing. Kinda like this blog. It now has two authors and a few extra paragraphs.

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