“Sounds like a deal”: building a sound room.

We originally had a sound booth in a hallway. Then we thought, ‘why not make the hallway the soundbooth?’ It took approximately four weeks to finish, with several skilled hands. Come to think of it, that was the last time any of us posted to the blog or worked on any project… The hardest part was moving an industrial restroom door, while the easiest was putting on the decorative records. How good it was to be finally finished.

We bought 20 sheets of QuiteRock (5/8″ sound proof drywall). This stuff normally goes for around $74 bucks a sheet. We picked it up for about $4 per sheet. Add the foam, wood and the truck to get it back here, and our total was around $1200 for our 8×5 room (double sided drywall).

Another triumph came in finding a custom glass cutter for the perfect size window. It took a couple of visits before we got it right. We choose a 3-1/2 x 2′ foot window.


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