The future is now!

We recently finished filming a training seminar for a prosthetic limb developer. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but this wasn’t your typical ‘fake hand’. far from it. Remember that scene in Terminator 2 when they found the arm from the original? (The arm was all that was left from the terminator which was crushed in the first film.) Well, these prosthetics were more like that. Attaching to muscles via sensors, people with no hands or fingers were able to-with a thought and a flex of the arm-open individual fingers and perform tasks previously unheard of in this field. (Think: play piano or pick up skittles off of a table.) It made me think that all current prosthetics had met their match, and I wondered what the future held for our own industry.
In the past few years I’ve been privileged to work here, I’ve seen a few upgrades of my own. Take the transition from standard definition to HD. It seems so normal to say “HD” now, but if you knew what all went into it, well, let’s just say many a video producer went bankrupt trying to keep up with the demand. MP3, MP4, H264 and the rise of Youtube and Web video kept our heads spinning and our eyes peeled to manuals and tutorials. Then there were the cables and components. CAT-6, HDMI, Firewires and TurboUSB, not to mention digital cameras, SPcards and Digital tape. Upgrades in editing software alone can keep a guy in the poorhouse. And then you take all of that and throw it away in a couple of years because Blue Ray will be the norm and then someone will come out with RedRay or GreenRay (isn’t everything ‘green’ now anyways?) and your laptop/videogame/Tv/celphone/microwave will all become one giant beam of raw data that gets transmitted from a satellite right into your new i-Lens (only 499.99 at Walmart. that’s a joke…for now) So maybe our days are numbered. But then again, maybe not.
The key to survival in any field is to see where the trend curves, and beat everyone else to it. Staying ahead of the rest of the pack is a tough game, but like any game, it can be fun if you just apply yourself. Maybe we’ll see you there.


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