Permits and Permission: a DSLR true story.

Pierre Hotel;  Manhattan -We arrived to a parade induced traffic jam, delaying us from our scheduled starting time.  When we finally started pulling out our suit cases and video gear, we were approached by a Patrol Officer on foot and asked if we had a permit to film in New York City. Our answer for the moment was that we were going to be on private property.  He left without another word. Later, in Central Park, we needed to get some clips of people sitting, walking, living. Easy enough. Thanks to the small attributes of the Canon 7D we could look like tourists while shooting full 1080p HD footage with 35mm lenses in public places without notice or permits (I recommend disassembling the rig before going around without permits, though).    I wonder how long it will take before the NY film commission realizes they’re losing money.

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Our trip consisted of video taping a Travel Channel Style 5 minute edited segment. Locations:  Hotel, Hotel,  Hotel, 230 fifth RoofTop Bar, Central Park, 5th Ave including Tiffany’s, Rockefeller Plaza, and of course the  carriage ride.  Check out our Video Library for Final Edit.


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