Going up to shoot video…or not.

Aerial cinematography is exciting, especially in a place with amazing views. Whats not exciting is the price. Here’s a breakdown of what it might cost to shoot for a week in the northern parts of Alaska (Wainwright to be exact).

Bell Jet Ranger 206b Chopper can run $975 per hour “dry”-meaning without gas.  Jet B fuel is about $5-$8 per gallon in Alaska for the moment.  The helicopter runs about 30 gallons of fuel per hour.  Remember: Alaska is big. Really big. You will run out of gas plan to have extra barrels hauled up for you. Another $1800 per trip.

Checking out local places to help us get it done, we turned to Daniel Zatz, an Alaskan local.  A 1080p HD Cineflex package (to handle the harsh climate conditions) is about 14k a week.  So have you been calculating?  This doesn’t include a videographer so add another 1k per day.

Alaska is beautiful, but there isn’t much up north-this photo might be your hotel. After talking with Daniel Zatz he would prefer to stay in a tent with an electric fence to keep out the polar bears.  What about food?  I haven’t made it there yet- just in the pre-planning stage , so we can figure that out, but it should be sooner rather than later.

Rough estimate: 35k…

…That is if the guy you inquired to help you out doesn’t sneak behind your back and steal the bid from you. Thanks, Daniel.  Say hi to the polar bears for us.


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