A link to the past.

If you’ve ever been in our lobby, you’ll have noticed a collection of antique forms of media, ranging from floor model radios and record players, to turn-knob televisions of the UHF era. Two recent acquirements are the Gaf | ST 202 Super 8 movie camera 

Super-8 movie camera
A close example of our latest acquirement.

and the Panasonic Omni VHS camcorder. Both are in perfect operating order and came with film to play with. We’ve seen the Super-8’s being used more frequently on independent films, though the film is harder to come by on a lower budget. 

There has been a huge resurgence of Super-8 film in recent years due to advances in film stocks and digital technology–“Film can handle far greater variations in contrast than video cameras and thus has become an alternative for acquisition. The idea is to shoot on the low cost Super-8 equipment then transfer the film to video for editing. The transfer of film to video is called telecine.” (Inserted from Wikipedia)

Panasonic VHS camcorder
Panasonic Omni VHS camcorder

VHS tapes can still be bought at most drug stores, and footage is easily captured via RCA cables.  We have many requests for the VHS so make sure to schedule production soon.


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