Computer Bully…using Skype for Video Interviews.

While filming interviews for a 30 minute workout informercial, visitors to the studio were puzzled to hear our iMac giving us it’s opinion on how to run the show: “Josh, use diffusion on key light”, “Lewie, bring the boom mic closer to reduce ambient sound”, “Hey, where is everyone?”. I hate to admit it, but computers are taking over the world…one “Skypie” at a time (A new term for Skype Users). At least this was the case when the video’s producer decided to direct from home and conduct the interviews using Skype.

using a remote computer for video interviews

There were some differences between his PC version and our Mac, causing some audio fumbles, and interviewees got a chuckle out of talking to a floating head. After a 10 hour day, I must say it was nice to power down.