One project leads to the next…

There seems to be an invisible circle that surounds the film industry, slamming all of us into one another repeatedly;  but once you’re in, you’re in. While working as a location scout in Detroit we stumbled upon the set of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Back at the hotel we hooked up with actors and crew from the TV show ‘Detroit 187’, and two of our shoot locations had set designs going up and striking for undisclosed films. You might say, “yeah,…there were over 40 films produced in the area last year”, but we’re out of Columbus, Ohio and was hired by a production house out of St. Louis. (Tip: don’t become a local!)

The same thing is happening all over the states…Sarasota Fl, Louisiana, and yes, Detroit-thanks to the 42% tax credit.  Hey just to let you know Ohio has a 28% tax credit and some surrounding cities will add to that, up to 10% I believe. Columbus and Youngstown especially. Hint, Hint! We’re working hard to include Ohio in the never ending circle of film and video production.


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