Fanfare for new movie as it hits Columbus

The event is meant to mirror a real Hollywood movie premiere, with a red carpet full of photographers, an exclusive film screening, and reception, or after-party, with the stars of the film. During the latter part of the event, the special guests (see below) will take pictures, mix, and mingle with attendees. Please see attached press release for detailed event info.

The confirmed guests are:
Brooks Douglass – Co-writer, producer, actor, and whom the story is based upon
Paul Brown – Director (3-time Emmy and Golden Globe nominee; The X Files, Quantum Leap, and Camp Rock)
Mike Vogel – Actor (Blue Valentine, Cloverfield, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, She’s Out of My League, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)
Not only is it incredibly unique to see this kind of event with notable names in Ohio, but the film itself is reason enough to attend as it tells a powerful (true) story. You can view the trailer and a Dateline interview on the official website:


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