Casting 101: Agencies

Local TV commercial spots are easily recognized as soon as the cross fade occurs from the nationally syndicated spots to the local. Usually, big wide pans of the store location with a voice over. Sorry to say, Mr. Store Owner, you just spent 20k on airing a TV spot that you probably got for free from the local TV station and now your store seems like its having a Store Liquidation Sale! Take 3k of the 20k, hire a professional video production company with some creative insight and display to the general audiences that you have fashion, quality or whatever widget you sell with pride. The next step after hiring a video company is to come up with a CREATIVE spot, maybe a story line with actors. And this finally brings me to the blog title, “Casting 101”. I love working with talent agencies. They have hundreds of passionate people dying to audition, even at the local level, to choose from. Its a one stop shop for producers. After emailing off to the agency demographics with a small audition script I get back an email link with 20 plus auditions in about a week. Click on the photo to see what I mean. What’s the cost? Usually 20% of the total talent fee. For a local TV spot, one day shoot, $600 plus the agency’s fee.