Tomato, tomahto. Or is it Tomatoe?

The phone rings. I answer and the guy says hi and wants to know how we like the new monitor we had recently bought. I look around the room and for the life of me can’t see any new monitor. I ask when this purchase was and he tells me and still no bells are going off. I tell him he must be mistaken and he names the producer who would be the one buying monitors if they were being bought, and I start feeling like this is some phishing scheme. You’re not in Nigeria, are you? Did I also win the UK lottery and an apartment in Paris? No, he’s legit. I tell him I’m sorry for his error, but we did in fact not buy a monitor from him or anyone else and have a nice day. Later the producer comes in and I mention the call humorously and he looks me dead pan and points to a speaker hanging on the wall. We bought it last month, he tells me. I check the caller ID and it was indeed a Sam Ash name on the display. You say monitor, I think Dynamic Samsung SyncMasters. Not KRK Rokit-5. Who knew? The producer did, apparently.


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