LEDs, Divas, FS100, and 4:2:2 equals a great key out.

Video taping  on a green cyclorama isn’t hard-it’s all the keying out that sucks! That is, unless, you have soft-even lighting, and a 4:2:2 color sampling. The new focus controlled light panels we used worked great to create a soft-even light. Our light set-up included two kino-flo divas for the cyc and four light panels for the subject.

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The FS100 camera recording to the Nano flash made recording 4:2:2 possible.  Another must-have buy is Red Giant’s Keyer ProSuite 2011. It runs $799 from the manufacturer but we found it on ebay for $225.

6 thoughts on “LEDs, Divas, FS100, and 4:2:2 equals a great key out.

  1. Yeah, I love shooting green screen footage now with my Canon 60D. Much easier to key out regardless of whether I’m using a Lowell kit with tungsten lighting or my Fluorescent knock offs from China.

  2. Hi guys, thanks for the great Blog! As a production guy, I’ve tried a bunch of different techniques to get clean keys, and there is no question: the better the sample rate and the more dynamic range (like digital cinema,) the better the key out. I was looking at LED light rings and reflective backgrounds a while back because it solved the problem of needing near perfect BG lighting. My hurdle was being able to use a teleprompter – so I built a big LED light ring, using my son’s drum head frame, and put it over my teleprompter. Not only was the prompter still readable, but the key worked great – fast forward a couple years later, I decided to market these – just thought you and your readers might want to take a look. http://ledchromakey.com/product/teleprompter-led-system/

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