Ohio Film Tax Credit + Script + Crew = Movie

I’AMedia is proud to announce the production of “In Other Words”. It is all due to the continued success of the Ohio Film Tax Credit and talented artists found in Ohio. Recently signed on Hollywood actor Ryan Lane will star in this film. You may have seen him on hit shows like, ABC Family’s “Switched At Birth” and “House MD”.

Synopsis: Jeremy, at a young age loses his father and then his hearing. As a teenager he is enraged and refuses to communicate with the speaking world. While away at boarding school a tragic event crosses him in the path of Lenora whose totally blind. She is the most beautiful and graceful girl he has ever laid eyes upon. Overcoming the communication barriers they find love. Jeremy is challenged by her faith in God and joy for life. All that he has left will be taken away unless he chooses to let go of his past and find forgiveness.

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18 thoughts on “Ohio Film Tax Credit + Script + Crew = Movie

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  2. I began trying to make films but have since switched to ofering a commercial video production service.

    Its great to see directors getting a helping hand with finances from official offices. It is very expensive trying to make films in the early days and any help from anyone is so much appreciated. I hope this film is a great success and makes a return.

  3. It is good to hear that Ohio is getting it right with the Film Tax Credit and that “In Other Words” will get produced. Perhaps Virginia can take direction from Ohio – our Film Tax Credit seems to only go to Hollywood production companies who bring in Hollywood cinematographers and actors and then satisfy the tax credit requirements by hiring low-paid ancillary help.

    Best of luck on your film!

  4. Look’s to be a great film and glad Ohio is standing behind it with the Film Tax Credit. All states need to get on board with programs like these. In Florida, a tax credit kick back to some video production, would definitely help small businesses like mine and many others!

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