Fin Del Año – award nominated short film turns into feature

The making of the short film, Fin Del Año was an unbelievable experience and I want more!…the audience wanted more too. What started as a concept by the director, Joshua A. Porter and thought by some to be to complex for a short ended up racking up eight nominations at the 168hr film festival in Los Angeles this year. The festival boasted the largest top prize to the filmmaker with the best film, a $1,000,000 dollar film budget (count the zeros). Beyond a best film nomination, the film also received nominations to include: best screenplay, best director, best cinematography, best lead actor, and best supporting actress. You may view the entire short film above.
Now we have the opportunity to break away from the ten minute TRT (total run time) allowed by the festival and create a feature length film that can tell all of its complexities. Stay tuned for production start dates and locations in Ohio.
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