DVD kiosks: a new independent film distribution model

DVD Kiosk

Blockbuster – a DVD movie rental store left in the wake of new technology based DVD machines known as Redbox.  DVDs themselves will be extinct within the next couple years and films solely distributed digitally, or will they? My question remains, what will be left of these DVD machines as seen in the photo?  A film producer and business partner of mine recently came into acquisition of approximately a hundred of these machines.  They are more advanced machines that Blockbuster left behind just before bankruptcy.  They are able to distribute DVDs, thumb drives, and can download to thumb drives customers already own.

Old Hollywood is the business of “who you know” but with invention of the internet along with non-linear editing and digital film cameras the business in becoming all about “how you can produce”. What we would like to welcome is the possibilities of distributing these grassroots films produced by the independent artists with unique stories and probably unknown actors-waiting to be born stars. We look forward to this being the next revolution in independent filmmaking.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  What possibilities do you see in these machines? Where could we put them? Are there enough independent films available? What does the audience want to see? Send us a personal email or respond to our blog post below.

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