Give credit where credit is due – Ohio film tax credit that is.

news coverage by NBC

Columbus, Ohio is a industry leader and home to many of the nations top companies, i.e. Victoria Secrets, Wendy’s, Cardinal Health, Nationwide. Why not the film industry?  Ohio now has one of the top film tax credits the nation has to offer. A 35% cash rebate for total spent on hiring in-state crew and 25% for out-of-state and all other production costs. So why can’t Ohio seem to attract grass roots investors for our own home grown film productions? Think about it, we have the credit, deep pockets, and talent…Did you forget that Hollywoods A-listers come from Ohio – Steven Spielberg, Halle Berry, Josh Radnor, and even IFC Films president, Lionsgate’s majority owner, and to top it off David Spitz, Executive VP of Lionsgate went to OSU. So again I ask, are we Ohioans crazy to think we can fund, producer, and distribute indie films and what the heck Blockbusters from our hometown?

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